Liming your floors is a stunning alternative to traditional staining and finishing.

A paler floor is a striking and modern look. It makes your whole property look light and bright. Your floors, your choice.

In order to achieve a whiter look what we do is that we apply a few coats of lime. Less coats of lime gives a more transparent white tone to your floor.

Liming is like a white wash - your timber with all its character, knots and appearance will always be apparent. You can still see the beautiful characteristics of your timber floor through the lime wash. Liming does not give a continuous colour tone, as timber is generally not just one tone itself.

In the picture (right) you can see a single coat of waterbased liming on an European oak flooring.

We only use premium quality lime wash from porter's paint and other high quality product such as Rubio, WOCA etc.

White lime wash on European oak flooring and waterbase finished.

Onsite color testing

With 15 years of experience under our belts, we can make the right colour for floors of different species from softwood to hardwood.

But, if required, we provide onsite colour testing service to make sure the colour you want is right for the entire floor.


Mostly 3 colour samples is enough, but sometimes, 6 ~ 9 colour samples are prepared to get the exact colour you desire.

lime color samples prepared on site

Woodwashing VS Tinting

Likewise as staining, liming the timber can be done by tinting or direct wood washing.

Tinting is a cheap, easy but ineffective method for colouring timber.

Tinting involves mixing a lime solution into the floor varnish and applying it by roller, like applying a coating. The white remains within the finish of the floor, instead of soaking into the timber, and when the floor finish peels or scratches, so does the colour, revealing the original timber underneath. This results in a patchy and uneven look to your floor. 

At Myflooring, we would never use this method on your floors.

Direct wood wash is the most effective way to Lye the floor.

It actually lyes the timber, not just the finish on top. We sand the timber with fine finishing grit and lye the timber directly with your chosen colour.

When the woodwash has dried we apply a clear finish over the wood washed timber. The woodwashing materials are carefully chosen to not impact the adhesive strength of the top coat.  

Wood washing is not easy. It needs a high level of technique which only Myflooring can bring to your floors.

Tinting example - White tint mixed with vanish and applied by roller over the old radiata pine

Woodwash example - Porters white wash direct to the bare timebrWhite tint mixed with vanish and applied by roller over the old radiata pine

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