Site finished distressed

A significant new trend in the use of natural wood flooring in residential homes has recently developed. 

This moddy and voguish style concept involves the installation of wire brushed wooden floors where you would expect traditional timber floor boards or carpeting to go.

​Wire brushed floors create a calm, tranquil appearance that emphasises the character, colour variation and structure of the material that the floor is made of.

The wire brush treatment gives timber floors a very unique look and texture.

​The process involves scraping the surface of the wood with stiff brushes that strip away and remove the soft wood surface fibres imparting on the plank a powerful grainy effect that is not only visible on inspection, but is quite obvious to the touch.

​The overall effect of the wire bush technique is to highlight the natural richness of the wood by opening up the grain and showing off a rich antique/weathered look.

Myflooring is specializing in distressed sanding for any type of timber flooring.brush-distressing floors is a true art form, involving much more than just flat sanding a floor. We developed our own techniques and tools over a period of time. We are passionate about our work and constantly looking for inspiration on ways to add character to the floor. Baltic pine and European oak are common species that adapt well to brush-distressing.   

Dupont tynex wire brush drum made by Myflooring

When wire brushed;

Finish: Penetrating oil

  • To keep the natural feeling of touch the wood grain. 
  • Easy to touch up and hide minor imperfection such as fine scratch.

Effective timber type: Pine, American oak

  •  Softwoods such as Baltic pine, European oak and American oak has the most effective result for this process and can be the most suitable timber for wirebrushed distressing.
  • Higher density floors with straight grained timber is not efficient for distressing; such as Tasmanian oak, Black butt and jarrah,