Bleaching - lighten up dark timber such as jarrah without blocking wood grain

Bleaching makes a similar effect to liming but the process is totally different.

Liming is a process where we wash lime onto the timber floor; there is no reaction of the lime and the timber, but bleaching is a process in which a chemical reaction takes place between the bleaching solution and the wooden floors.

Consequently, the end result depends on the timber type.

The main advantage of bleaching compared to liming is that the bleaching can lighten up dark timbers such as jarrah without hiding the natural wood grain; liming can't make darker timbers lighten up without blocking the wood grain.

Therefore, bleaching is the unique solution to make dark timber floor lighten up without compromising the beautiful natural look of the wood grain.

​The bleaching process is complicated and needs more caution. There are many different bleaching methods and some bleaching methods can make dangerous and harmful gas emissions, but at Myflooring, we use a specially formulated bleaching system and it only releases condensed oxygen and no harmful VOC's.



Bleached Merbau flooring

   Before - the bleach solution is applied to the red coloured timber flooring and is waiting for the solution to react with the tennin of the wood.


Bleached hardwood Merbau flooring

After - the red timber is bleached and ready for the finishing coat.



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