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Sanding & Polishing

Average floor sized sanding projects take 3 to 7 days depending on the finish option and the weather condition. We use top quality dustless belt sanding machines made in Germany. Our team members guarantee the workmanship backed with more than 15 years of hands on experience. 

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Direct staining requires highly experienced workmanship with an eye of an artisan. The Myflooring team has accumulated a long period of staining experience with a variety of floor colouring requirements, making us a trustworthy and full of helpful advice. We choose appropriate materials to achieve the right colour, staining material, and top coating to guarantee quality results.

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Liming requires a higher experience and skill level than staining. We occasionally execute liming projects which have been spoiled by other unqualified companies. Achieving consistency without a patchy look for large sized floors is one of our key skills. Myflooring is the most experienced lime washing company in Melbourne.

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A significant new trend in the use of natural wood flooring in residential homes has recently developed. This moddy and voguish style concept involves the installation of wire brushed wooden floors where you would expect traditional timber floor boards or carpeting to go.

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Bleaching is the only way to lighten up dark timber floors without blocking the wood grain and keeping a stunning natural look. Bleach solutions chemically react with the timber tennin but we are careful to use a very effective and environmentally friendly system, which yields only concentrated oxygen and H2O.‚Äč Generally, bleaching is used with liming to control accurate colour and tone to meet the desired look.

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Fuming and smoking is similar to staining but it is a process where the floor is chemically reacted to change the colour from a lighter tone to a dark grey or aged look. Fuming and smoking enhances the natural variation and grain of the timber floor.

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